Rules Of Operations (Collingwood Minor Hockey)

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Minor Hockey

Rules of Operation

Adopted by the C.M.H.A. Board of Directors
April 14, 2004
Revised March 2009

Collingwood Minor Hockey Association
Operating Rules
Table of Contents

Section 1    -    Governance and Scope                 
-    Levels

Section  2    -    Code of Conduct and Ethics             
-    Membership Conduct
-    Code o Conduct
-    Conflict of Interest  
-    Resignation from Board

Section  3    -    Eligibility and Registration                 
-    Residency
-    Registration
-    Birth Certificates
-    Registration Dates
-    Registration Fees & Refunds
-    Insurance

Section  4    -    Equipment and Uniforms and Colors         
-    Approved Equipment and Uniforms

Section  5    -    Player Movement and Team Formation         
-    Player Movement
-    Team Selection/Formation
-    Affiliation

Section  6    -    Conduct and Discipline                 
-    Written Queries and Discipline
-    Discipline Committee

Section  7    -    Coaches/Managers/Trainers             
-    Selection of Coaches
-    Selection of Trainers
-    Accountability
-    Player Injuries
-    Player Ice Time & Development
-    Team Meetings
-    Parent Complaints
-    Team Budgets & Financial Statements
-    Awards

Section  8    -    Officials                         
-    Off Ice Officials
-    On Ice Officials    

Section  9    -    Subsidization                         
-    Policy

Section 10    -    Fundraising                         
-    Team Fundraising
-    Pre-approved Fundraisers

Section 11    -    Sponsorship                         
-    Prohibited Sponsors
-    Dollar Guidelines
-    Official Sponsors

Section 12     -    Other                             
-    Canceling Ice
-    Practices
-    Length of Games
-    Travel Permits
-    Exhibition Games
-    Tournament Participation
-    Tournament Operation Guidelines

Section 13    -    Appendix                         
        -    Sub Committees


1.    Governance

1.1         Collingwood Minor Hockey Association (hereinafter called C.M.H.A.) is incorporated  
            under the Corporation Act of Ontario and operates under the governance of its By-Law
Number One and Rules of Operation in conjunction with the Manual of Operations of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association.

1.2    C.M.H.A. operates under the governance of its By-Law Number One and the Rules of Operation in conjunction with the rules, By-laws and policies of the:

Ontario Minor Hockey Association, hereinafter O.M.H.A.
Ontario Hockey Federation, hereinafter O.H.F.
Canadian Hockey Association, hereinafter C.H.A.

2.    Code of Conduct and Ethics

2.1    Membership Conduct
a)    All members of the C.M.H.A. are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to respect the rights of all individuals and property, which they come in contact with during the course of the season.
b)    The C.M.H.A. reserves the right to reject membership in such cases where a previous record of behaviour unbecoming a member of the C.M.H.A. has been evident.

2.2    Code of Conduct
a)    As members of the C.M.H.A., all members will follow a code of conduct.  Members under the jurisdiction of the O.M.H.A. will follow the code of conduct as outlined in the current revision of the O.M.H.A. Manual of Operations.

2.3    Conflict of Interest
a)    All C.M.H.A. Board of Directors (Board) members must avoid any influence, interest or relationship that may conflict with the best interests of C.M.H.A.
b)    All members should avoid even the appearance of impropriety.  The potential for a conflict of interest exists when a member is in a position to make or influence decisions for C.M.H.A. which could also affect the member(s)’ personal interest; or when the personal interest or relationship is substantial enough so that others could reasonably believe it would affect the member’s judgment or actions on C.M.H.A.’s behalf.

2.4    Resignation from Board
a)    Any person(s) resigning from the Board in any of the twelve (12) months prior to the     Annual General Meeting will not be eligible to apply for any position in the Collingwood     Minor Hockey Association in the following year.


3.    Eligibility/Insurance and Registration

3.1    Residency
a)    C.M.H.A. players must reside within the area described by O.M.H.A. Residency Rule 3.4.
b)    The Executive shall set the date by which the selection of players must be completed in each year.

3.2    Registration of Players
a)    Subject to registration numbers, the following series of player groupings will be operated by the Association:

Series                    Age as of December 31st
Chips/Tyke                6 years old and under
Novice                    7 and 8 year olds
Atom                    9 and 10 year olds
Peewee                11 and 12 year olds
Bantam                13 and 14 year olds
Midget                    15 and 16 and 17 year olds

b)    The registration fee for each player grouping shall be as resolved by the Board annually.
c)    Players must be registered in their proper age group and program.  Transferring after registration from one program to another will be subject to Executive approval.  The request must be made in writing to the Executive outlining the reason for the request.

3.3    Birth Certificates
Satisfactory proof of birth will be submitted with every initial registration of players.

3.4    Registration Dates
The Executive shall set registration dates and fees in May for the following hockey season.  Registration procedures will be organized and co-ordinated by the Registration Committee.

3.5    Registration Fees and Refunds
a)    Registration fees must be paid in full before participating in any game, practice or try-out.
b)    Registrations received after a date predetermined by the Executive, shall be subject to an administration charge as resolved by the Board annually, with the exception of first year Chips/Tykes that register prior to October 1st.  If a player, due to late registration, has missed part of the playing season, a reduced registration fee may be charged based upon the portion of the season remaining.  However, a reduced fee shall only be allowed if the lateness in registration is justified (e.g., player just moved to area, had been injured or ill, or had been trying out for a Junior Hockey Club.)
c)    Refunds will be granted according to the date the written application is received by C.M.H.A. and the following table:

Up to September 30th                -    90 %
During the month of October            -    75%
During the month of November        -    50%
During the month of December        -    0%

No Late charges will be refunded

d)    Families registering three (3) or more players will receive a 20% discount for the number of family players registered after the second (2nd) player.
e)    Representative fees must be paid in full before participating in any regular scheduled league game.
f)    Registration fees will be paid by cheque or money order or major credit card.  All other fees will be paid by cheque or money order.

3.6    Insurance
a)    The C.M.H.A. and its agents, undertake no responsibility for player injuries or any other liabilities whatsoever.  This shall be stated on all player registration forms.
b)    The insurance program described by the O.M.H.A. Manual of Operations and shall cover all players and officials of the C.M.H.A.

4.    Equipment and Uniform and Colours

4.1    Player and Team Official(s)’ Equipment
a)    All players must wear complete hockey protective gear, including a CSA approved helmet, facemask and throat protection for all on ice activities.  Mouth guard use is mandatory for players under O.M.H.A. jurisdiction.
b)    All Coaches and Volunteers will be required to wear CSA approved helmets and hockey gloves for all on ice activities.  For insurance reasons, only carded players/carded team officials and volunteers sanctioned by the C.M.H.A. are to be on the ice surface.

4.2    C.M.H.A. Rep Team Colours
The colours of C.M.H.A. Rep Teams shall be Red, Black and White.

4.3    Sweaters
a)    All coaches issued sweaters by the C.M.H.A. shall be responsible for their care and safe return.
b)    Each player will be given a sweater by the Coach or delegate before each game.  After the game the sweater must be returned to the Coach/delegate.  Players will not wear team sweaters during practices.
c)    No alterations to any C.M.H.A. sweaters will be allowed.
d)    Sweaters will not be taken home by player under any circumstance.
e)    Repairs or replacement of any C.M.H.A. sweaters will be the responsibility of the Coach.
f)    Only jerseys issued by the CMHA may be worn by players in any exhibition, league, playoff or tournament games.


4.4    C.M.H.A. Equipment
a)    C.M.H.A. equipment will not be used off ice for reasons including street hockey, ball hockey, roller hockey, etc.
b)    Misuse of the equipment will result in the immediate return and no further use of equipment.
c)    No alterations to any C.M.H.A. equipment will be allowed.
d)    Repairs or replacement of any C.M.H.A. equipment will be the responsibility of the Coach.

5.    Player Movement and Team Formation

5.1    Player Movement
a)    Player’s movement must require Director/Convenor/Parental/Player/Coach consultation and is given final approval by both the Directors of Rep and Local/House League Hockey.
b)    No movement will take place after the Local/House League balancing deadline of the second (2nd) Sunday in December of  the current year unless in extreme circumstances and with approval of both Director of Rep and Local/House League Hockey Operations.
c)    Prior to the season, the Board will approve movement vertically or horizontal for each team.
d)    Any player registered in the C.M.H.A. and who is also trying out for Junior teams or O.M.H.A. Regional teams must have an O.H.F. tryout form completed.  The President or Secretary of C.M.H.A. must sign this form before players are allowed to try-out.
e)    Any player registered in the C.M.H.A. requesting Association releases or transfers will formally do so through their respective Director of Hockey Operations and the President.  All releases and transfers will be completed per the O.M.H.A.
5.2    Representative Team Formation
a)    Rep teams will be comprised of two (2) goalies and the maximum number of players allowed by the O.M.H.A. Manual of Operations and a minimum of thirteen (13) skaters.  Any requested changes to the above by the Rep team Coach must receive written approval from the Director of Rep Hockey Operations.  When enrollment numbers are down in any particular division, the Board reserves the right to set a minimum and maximum number of skaters and goalies as long as the minimum or maximum does not conflict with OMHA guidelines.
b)    As of November 15th of the current season, no Rep Coach may add or delete any players, except in the case of sickness or injury, and in consultation with the Director of Rep Hockey Operations.  The only other exception of this rule shall occur when a player moves into, or out of the C.M.H.A. eligible boundaries.
c)    By November 15th, of the current season, all players shall decide whether they wish to play Rep or Local/House League.  The only exception to the rule shall be:
i)    In the case of players placed on O.M.H.A. affiliation lists, and substituting for sick or     absent players, or to allow a team to carry a backup    goalie, in which case a player will be 

    permitted to play both Rep and Local/House League, with his first commitment being to his original Local/House League team.

ii)    Players who are affiliated to another team shall at the discretion of both Coaches be allowed to practice with the affiliated team when possible, to enable the player to become familiar with the affiliated team.
iii)    In the event of a player being permanently called up to a Rep Team.
iv)    By the second (2nd) Sunday in December of the current season if an “A” Rep Player quits the “A” Rep Team then this player must return to the Local/House League level unless by special permission and in consultation with the Board of Directors.

d)    The Board shall set the date by which the selection of players for the First Entry Rep teams and Additional Entry Rep teams must be completed.

e)    The Director of Rep Hockey Operations will provide to the Coaches before try-outs the number of players and goalies the individual teams will be allowed to carry on these teams.  If in the opinion of a majority of the Board, a minimum roster must be set for a team so as to not adversely affect the rest of the teams in the grouping, they will do so and inform the affected Coach.  The affected team will not be allowed to operate below this minimum roster without approval of the majority of the Board.
f)    Before try-outs, an updated registration list consisting of players in the applicable division will be given to each Rep Coach for the division they are coaching.
g)    Any player wishing to try out for a team above his/her proper age group is eligible to try out for the first entry team only.  If he/she fails to make that team, he/she must return to his/her proper age grouping.
h)    All players must try-out and be released by the Head Coach of the First Entry Rep team prior to trying out for the Additional Entry Team.
i)    No player shall be signed after February 10th.

5.3    Local/House League Regulations
a)    The Director of Local/House League Operations shall set the date by which the selection of players to the Local/House League teams must be completed.
b)    Prior to the formation of teams, players will practice in their respective age groups for the purpose of conditioning, skill development and evaluation.
c)    A Committee consisting of the Director of Local/House League Hockey Operations and Coaches in that division shall select teams from individual registrations for each division.
d)    The Committee shall do their utmost to provide balanced teams.  Following the initial selection of teams and the assignments of Coaches, the Committee may move players between teams to satisfy special requests from parents.
e)    All teams within each division shall be re-balanced by the Director of Local/House League Hockey Operations if required.  Any player movements will only take place after discussion with the Coaches and parents affected by the moves.


f)    Should drop outs reduce a Local/House League team to more than three (3) players below the average team roster, the Director of Local/House League Hockey Operations will make transfers as required.

5.4    Local/House League Team Formation
a)    If it is decided by the appropriate Committee that there are too many players in a division to form the number of teams planned for, and the teams have already been picked, the Director of Local/House League will re-pool all the players in the division and redistribute them to the new number of teams decided on within three (3) weeks after the start of the regular season.
b)    Under the supervision of the Director of Local/House League Operations or their respective delegates the following procedure will be followed when drafting the Local/House League teams:

i)    The Coaches and their Assistants will rate all the players and then draft teams of equal talent.  When the teams are balanced to the satisfaction of the Director of Local/House League Operations, each Coach will draw for a team.
ii)    If the Coach or Assistant draws a team that does not have their child on it, they may make a trade for their child with a player of equal talent.
iii)    Local/House League teams will meet with the Director of Local/House League Operations on November 30th, to review the status of  the Local/House League teams, making changes where necessary to keep teams as balanced as possible and to distribute any Rep players returning to Local/House League fairly.  No changes will be allowed after this meeting, except under direction of the Director of Local/House League Operations.  Note:  The Director of Rep League Operations will notify the Director of Local/House League Operations prior to the second (2nd) Sunday in December of any players wishing to return to Local/House League at the deadline.

5.5    Affiliation
Preamble:  Affiliation is the process whereby teams “call up” players from an O.M.H.A. approved list to play games or practices to support the operation of that particular team.

Coaches, players and parents must understand that the whole affiliation process is necessary in order to run an efficient hockey program.  With this in mind, all persons involved must remain flexible and try to look at the big picture rather than their particular situation only.

The following rules have been put in place in order to protect the Association’s best interests.  Where a concern is raised as to the interpretation of a particular statement, the responsibility for resolution rests with the respective Director of League Operations as applicable.  In the absence of a Director of League Operations, the President shall resolve any conflict.


C.M.H.A. teams shall affiliate as per O.M.H.A. rule # 7 with the following additions:

a)   For games, teams will only be allowed to bring up affiliate players to match the number of players listed on their O.M.H.A. approved roster sheet. The specific exception to this rule will be in dealing with goalies where all will require much more flexibility.
b)    An affiliate player may miss a practice with his base team, when the higher categorized team has less than the O.M.H.A. approved roster number of players available for  the requested game.  This should be done on a case-by-case basis and will require the approval of the respective Director of League Operations and both Coaches.
c)    A player may not be affiliated in the following circumstances:
i)    Conflict between game times occurs when there is less than three (3) house between the end of a game    of the higher categorized team and the start of a game involving the lower categorized team.  The lower categorized Coach may waive this time period if he so desires.  
    A conflict does not exit when:
ii)    The higher categorized team plays or practices after the lower categorized team plays or practices; or
iii)    The lower categorized team practices after the higher categorized team plays or practices.
iv)    By virtue of game locations and the travel involved, there is a reasonable doubt that the affiliate player would be able to make it to a game with his base team.  In cases of dispute between the two (2) Coaches, the final decision rests with the respective Director of League Operations.
v)    The player is under suspension.  O.M.H.A. Rule 8.2 (d) will then apply.

d)    The Executive reserves the right to rule on any of the above guidelines.  If any Coach does not agree with the decision of the respective Director of League Operations he/she has the right to consult with the President whose decision will be final.
e)    The Coach of the affiliated player is not to impose any other conditions or use threats of any form to prevent players from playing up.  Violation of this rule may result in the player’s Coach being assessed a suspension by the respective Director of League Operations.
f)    Any dispute among the Coaches regarding the application of the AP rules will be referred to the respective Director of League Operations for a decision.
g)    NOTE:  Under no circumstances are AP list players to be used at the expense of the regular players on the team.  AP list players may play regular shifts but must not take ice time from the regular team members including All Star game participation.
h)    The rep A coach has first right of refusal for 48 hours when an AE coach notifies the rep convenor of their intention to affiliate a LL player



h)    The Coach of the affiliate team must obtain approval of the player’s Coach prior to the affiliated player playing or practicing.
i)    Affiliated players must comply with the rules set by C.M.H.A.  Affiliated players cannot attend games and practices unless “invited out” by the team they are affiliated with.  This also requires consent from the home centre coach.  A fee of $10.00 per practice and $20.00 per game will be charged to all non-C.M.H.A. players affiliating and may not
     exceed the cost of full registration for that age group.  There will be no charge to players     affiliating from within our own Organization.
j)    Coach and team officials are responsible to keep track of affiliated games and practices.  A financial statement must be submitted along with payment to the C.M.H.A. board of the players ice time with the team.  This should be submitted at year end along with payment.

6.    Conduct and Discipline

6.1    Written Queries
a)    Questions regarding the operation of the Association must be submitted, in writing, to the President or Secretary.
b)    Written questions received shall be included in the agenda of the next meeting of the Executive.
c)    Questions should be submitted at least one (1) week prior to the Board of Directors Meeting to allow sufficient time for a full investigation before the meeting.
d)    For issues of a serious nature, the President may call a Special Meeting of the Executive to ensure prompt resolution.
e)    Discussions of a sensitive or personal nature at an Executive or Board Meeting will not be open to the general membership and shall be kept confidential.
f)    Discipline concerns must be submitted in writing to the Discipline Committee Chair.
g)    All complaints shall receive a written reply.

6.2    Discipline
All complaints shall be addressed in the following sequence:
Respective Director of League Operations
Discipline Chair as per the procedure outlined in the C.M.H.A. Discipline Manual.

7.    Coach/Managers/Trainers

7.1    Selection of Team Coaches
a)    Application for coaching positions will be advertised for the upcoming season by April 30th, of each year.
b)    The Board shall form a Coaches Selection Committee in accordance with Rules of Operation 13.1 and conduct selections as per the C.M.H.A. Coach Selection Manual.  All members of the Selection Committee will be excluded from applying for a Head Coaching position at any level.

c)    The Coach Selection Committee shall:
i)    Refer to the Coach Selection Manual
ii)    Convene meetings to select Coaches for the respective teams
iii)    Choose Coaches based on interviews, and consideration of written evaluations submitted by C.M.H.A. Rep team parents where possible.

iv)    Make recommendations to the C.M.H.A. Board for approval of Coaches for the respective teams.

Coaching selection will be made as early in the season as possible.

d)    All C.M.H.A. Team Officials (Coach, Assistant Coach, Trainer, Assistant Trainer and Manager) must be certified in accordance with the O.M.H.A. Manual of Operations and/or the O.W.H.A. Regulation Six and hold a valid Coach/Trainer’s and PRS Certificate.  (ie: Coaches must have valid Coach Certificates, Trainers must have valid 
Trainer’s Certificates and all team Officials, as noted above, must have a PRS Certificate.)  No member of any Coaching Staff will be rostered to a team until they have handed in a completed police check.

e)    A person may not be the Head Coach of a Minor Hockey team, Novice and up, for the same child for more than two (2) consecutive years, unless approved by Collingwood Minor Hockey Association Board.

f)    All coach applicants shall submit a completed, signed C.M.H.A. Volunteer Application Form.

g)    All Coaches and Trainers will be rostered on the At Large roster as well as their own team.  Any variations must be approved by the C.M.H.A. Board.

7.2    Selection of Trainer
Trainers for teams shall hold a valid HTCP certificate and a PRS certificate.

7.3         Accountability
a)    Team Officials are accountable to the Board for their conduct and that of their players, before, during and after games and practices.  The Coaches and parents will agree upon the time frame of before and after games and practices.
b)    Team Officials are expected to set a good example in conduct, language, dress and sportsmanship.
c)    Team Officials shall become familiar with, follow and enforce all rules, regulations and procedures of the C.M.H.A., O.M.H.A., G.B.M.H.L., G.B.T.L.L., W.O.A.A., or O.W.H.A.
d)    Team Officials shall attend Association meetings as required by the Board.
e)    Any team wishing to protest a game must notify the appropriate Director of League Operations by 6:00 pm. the following day of the protest with all corresponding back up.

7.4         Players Injuries
a)    The Head Coach of the team is responsible that the Trainer forward a copy of the “Canadian Hockey Injury Report” to the O.M.H.A./O.W.H.A. within twenty-four (24) hours.

b)    For serious injuries, the respective Director of League Operations or the President should be notified as soon as possible so proper and timely notification can be made to the O.M.H.A. or O.W.H.A.
c)    Players who have missed games and or practices due to an injury must give the Coach and or the Trainer on that team a Doctor’s note for approval to return to play, before being allowed on the ice for any C.M.H.A. sanctioned activity.

7.5         Player Ice Time and Development
a)    Coaches are to make a conscientious effort to give each player a balanced amount of ice time in each game, including the play-offs.  There may be instances and cases where the Coach if he decides to, may require shortening a player’s ice time.  This will be explained during the Coach’s and parents meeting.  Penalty time shall be considered as ice time.

b)    To develop a better appreciation of the game as a whole, players should be given the opportunity to play various positions.

7.6          Team Meetings with Parents
a)    Coaches and Manager must have a parent meeting prior to the season and discuss the minimum list contained in 7.6 (b).  Coaches will also have a meeting prior to the play offs to review any issues that may arise over the final weeks of the season.  Other meetings may be held at various times during the year.

b)    These meetings will be used to explain but not be limited to, the following:

Explanation of the O.H.F.’s Speak Out Program to which all Coaching Staff, parents and players must adhere.
Introduce Coach Staff and responsibilities of Coaching Staff
Coaching Philosophy
Team Rules
Dress Code
Playing Time for players, shortening of players ice time
Supervision of dressing rooms and shower room Policy:  two (2) deep
Releasing Children from Coach Staff Supervision: from dressing room two (2) deep
Female Player dressing room Policy:  separate dressing rooms
Transportation of Athletes and road trips
With the approval of the parents, players with G2 licenses must have an adult with them, in their vehicle, if driving to games outside of Collingwood.
Twenty-four (24) hour cool down rule
Parent Complaint Procedure

Budget, financial obligation and financial statements
Timekeeping, score keeping, admission gates
Emergency Action Plan and responsibilities
Any other points that either group wishes to discuss.  It is essential to keep the lines of communication open between parents and Coaching Staff.

7.7          Parent Complaints
a)    Any parent complaints regarding the Coaching Staff or the operation of the team will first be resolved at the team level with the parties involved.
b)    If a resolution cannot be agreed upon at the team level, the respective Director of League Operations will be contacted to be an intermediary in assisting a resolution with the parties involved.
c)    If a resolution can still not be reached, refer to Section 6.2.

7.8         Team Budgets and Financial Statements
a)    Team Budgets, collecting and disbursing of team finances will be the responsibility of each team Manager.

b)    The parents on the team must understand and approve an initial team budget for the amount of funds required to operate the team for the season.  It is the team’s responsibility to collect these funds from the parents.  This financial obligation is above the Association’s registration fees.  
c)    In the event of special circumstances, a team seeking financial assistance shall apply to C.M.H.A. for financial support.  C.M.H.A. may provide financial assistance to a team requesting support to offset transportation costs, provided that approval is granted by two thirds (2/3) majority of the Board of Directors.
d)    The team must settle any debts or bills incurred by the Team.  The C.M.H.A. will not honour these debts.
e)    A year end financial statement will be provided to the parents on the team and the team’s respective Director of League Operations.
f)    Any team or individual incurring debts in the name of  C.M.H.A. without prior approval shall be subject to disciplinary action per the C.M.H.A. Discipline Manual.

7.9         Awards  
At the conclusion on the current hockey season, and prior to the annual Awards Night, the Coaches and their Assistants will choose a single winner and nominee for the yearly awards.  All such choices are subject to the approval of the appropriate League Operations.

8.    Officials
8.1    Off Ice Officials
a)    Timekeepers and Scorekeepers


    The C.M.H.A. Ice Scheduler is responsible for acquiring responsible and knowledgeable     timekeepers and scorekeepers for all home games.

8.2    On Ice Officials
a)    Referee Scheduling and Notification

i)    The C.M.H.A. Ice Scheduler is responsible for contacting the Referee-in-Chief to have referees scheduled for their home games during the regular season and the play-offs.  The exception being in O.M.H.A. play downs when O.M.H.A. assigned referees will be used.
ii)    Team Officials are responsible for contacting the Ice Scheduler regarding any home games that are canceled.  This must be done as soon as possible to avoid any cost that the C.M.H.A. may incur.

9.    Subsidization
9.1    Team players and officials of C.M.H.A. may be reimbursed to help defray expenses incurred while attending clinics or special hockey camps run by C.M.H.A., O.M.H.A. or C.H.A.  Such reimbursement shall be in accordance with established fees and shall be at the discretion of the C.M.H.A. Board of Directors.

9.2    It may be the policy of the C.M.H.A. to reimburse the registration costs for mandatory certification programs for coaches and trainers volunteering with C.M.H.A. teams in the current year.  Eligible programs include such “refresher and re-certification” courses as the O.M.H.A. may require.  Reimbursement may be made upon successful completion of the program, and application to the Board.  C.M.H.A. may reimburse the fees required to certify three bench staff only, per team, per season.  No person will be reimbursed for certification as both trainer and coach in the same season.

9.3    Team officials attending Prevention Services clinics will receive subsidization of 100% of the registration costs.

9.4    All subsidization will be forwarded after the participant has successfully passed the course and submitted a receipt to the Treasurer of respective Director of League Operations.

10.    Fund Raising
10.1    No team or booster club shall raise or solicit funds from any source, including a sponsor, without the prior approval of the Board.  Individual fund raising efforts shall not be operated under the name of the Collingwood Minor Hockey Association Inc., but should be operated under the name of the individual team or club.  The C.M.H.A. will not be held accountable for any funds raised by, or debts incurred by, individual teams or clubs. The individual team or club shall, for each fund raising endeavour to submit a final financial statement to the Board of Directors of the C.M.H.A., and provide each parent who requests it.


10.2    C.M.H.A. teams may run the following fund raising activities with the permission of the Director of Ways & Means:
Fifty/fifty draws        Pepi’s Pizza sales        Blues fund raiser
Topper’s Pizza fund raiser    Bottle Drive            T-Shirt sales
Cookie dough sales        Candle sales            Wristband sales
Raffle tickets            Magazine sales        Chocolate covered almond 
Maple Lodge Meat sales    Christmas Wreath sales    Car Wash

10.3    Official sponsors of C.M.H.A. are not to be approached by any Team Official, parent or person associated with a team for fund raising purposes.

11.    Sponsorship
11.1    Wineries, Brewers, and Tobacco sponsorships are prohibited as per O.M.H.A. Manual of Operations.

11.2    Dollar guidelines will be resolved annually by the Board.

11.3    Even though their name and logo will appear only on one team’s uniforms, it is important to remember that all sponsors are making a direct contribution to the C.M.H.A. program
enjoyed by all participants.  Sponsors represent the second largest contributing group to the C.M.H.A. budget.  Therefore it is very important that all C.M.H.A. members who have an opportunity to do so effectively and sincerely show their appreciation to the sponsors wherever possible.

12.    Section 12 – Other
12.1    Canceling Ice
a)    If a team cannot use its allocated ice, it is the responsibility of the team coach/manager to inform the Ice Scheduler as soon as possible.
b)    All costs associated with vacant ice to due insufficient notice will be the responsibility of the team.  The Board will decide if insufficient notice was given.
c)    Any team that does not cancel their ice time with twenty-four (24) hours and leaves the     ice open will be billed the cost of the ice.

12.2    Practices
a)    The normal duration of a practice is consider one (1) hour on the arena clock from the scheduled start time (50 minutes of practice, 10 minutes for flooding of the ice.)
b)    Any team that wants to book extra ice time and pay for it must register as their team under C.M.H.A. in order to be covered for insurance and must follow all rules and regulations under the OMHA and CMHA.
c)    Players are permitted to attend their own team’s (or affiliate team) practices only. Players are not permitted to attend practice other than their own.  (ie: sibling, friend, father’s team etc.)


d)    Only those individuals with valid coaching certificates, a valid PRS number and who are listed on a team roster are permitted to be on the ice during practice or games.  OMHA Insurance does not cover any other individual except for those mentioned above.
e)    Team Officials must verify with Rep/Local/House Convenor if they require the assistance of a C.M.H.A. player who is not rostered with that team for on ice practice.

12.3    Length of Home Games during the Regular Season
a)    The G.B.M.H.L. will determine the length of home games for each division and level according to minimums of the G.B.M.H.L. and O.M.H.A.  This will be communicated to the coaches prior to the season starting.
b)    The length of the game also includes a flooding on the ice (10 minutes).
c)    A curfew time will be written on all home game sheets and initialed by both the home team coach and the visiting coach.
d)    Games running over the allotted time will be curfewed and the results will stand at that point of completion.

12.4    Length of Games during the Play-offs.
a)    The length of games during play-offs will be in accordance to the rules and regulations laid down by the O.M.H.A. and G.B.M.H.L.
b)    Play-off games will not be curfewed.
c)    During play-offs, the Ice Scheduler will schedule play-offs with the assistance from the Directors of League Operations.  They will schedule and move ice times around at their discretion to make sure that the Association’s play-off priorities are met.  Ice will be given to teams that require it for play-offs based on the priorities.  This will include practices.  The Ice Scheduler will keep track of any ice that is taken away from a team.  Ice will be returned to the affected teams if possible.

12.5    Exhibition Games and Tournaments outside of O.M.H.A. Jurisdiction
a)    Any teams traveling outside the O.M.H.A. jurisdiction will require a travel permit for insurance purposes.
b)    Team Officials will be responsible for contacting their respective Director of League Operations to obtain this permit.
c)    The teams will be responsible for paying for this travel permit per the current O.M.H.A. fee.

12.6    Exhibition Games Notification
a)    Team Officials must notify their respective Director of League Operations regarding home exhibition games.  This information must be relayed on to the Director of League Operations for insurance reasons and in the case of any suspensions resulting from these games.
b)    Team Officials will be responsible for contacting the Ice Scheduler to schedule referees for home exhibition games.  Appropriate notification is required.


12.7    Tournament Participation
a)    C.M.H.A. Rep Teams shall attend C.M.H.A. Tournaments, unless involved in O.M.H.A. play-offs, or having other commitments made prior to the establishment of C.M.H.A. Tournament dates and approved by the C.M.H.A. authority.
b)    Upon entry to a Tournament, coaches and/or managers shall notify the appropriate Director of League Operations at least thirty (30) days prior to the attendance at such Tournament or at the discretion of the Director of League Operations. Subject to the Director being able to rescheduled the game, if the game can't be rescheduled the team will have to be responsible for the current rate fine.
c)       A CMHA team may participate in three tournaments a year not including a CMHA tournament or the International Silver Stick Final Tournament. No tournament may be scheduled when the team could be playing in the OMHA play downs, with the exception of the International Silver Stick Finals.
NEW addition
d)      Once a team has been eliminated from the playoffs, a team may attend one additional tournament with the approval of the local league or Rep committee.

12.8    Tournament Operation
a)    An existing Tournament Director will be given first consideration to return in a subsequent year at the discretion of the C.M.H.A. Board of Directors.
b)    The Tournament Director will appoint a Committee for approval by the Board within thirty (30) days of his/her appointment.  All Committee members will have to complete volunteer applications and undergo police checks.
c)    A budget for the Tournament will be submitted to the Board for approval by March lst of the Tournament year and a final financial statement to be submitted within thirty (30) days of the final date of the Tournament.
d)    The Chair and Committee members of the Silver Stick AE Qualifying Tournament will be insured through the Collingwood Minor Hockey Association and would be listed as Collingwood Minor Hockey Volunteers.
e)    The Tournament banking account will be operated in the name of C.M.H.A. and by signing Offices as follows:  two of the following three (3) Tournament Director, Treasurer of the C.M.H.A. or the President of the C.M.H.A.
f)    The Board of the C.M.H.A. will at its discretion and subject to # 1, herein advertise for interested parties to act as Tournament Director and Chair of the Collingwood Silver Stick Committee for the following year by November 15th.  Applications will be due the second Wednesday of December complete with resume and completed Volunteer 
Application form.  Interviews would be scheduled over the following thirty (30) days with a recommended candidate going to the January board meeting for ratification.
g)    In the event that the Tournament Director resigns or cannot act as Tournament Director the Board of the C.M.H.A. will at its discretion herein advertise for interested parties to act as Tournament Director for the following year.  Applications complete with resume and completed Volunteer application form would be due thirty (30) days after the advertisement has been placed.  Interviews would be scheduled over the following thirty (30) days with a recommended candidate going to the following Board meeting.
h)    The C.M.H.A. will appoint a Tournament liaison who will have a vote on the said Committee, term commensurate with the C.M.H.A. operating year.


i)    Tournament Directors will make every effort to include eligible C.M.H.A. teams provided that said teams register within sixty (60) days of the Tournament date.

13.    Appendix
13.1    Sub-Committees
C.M.H.A. Sub-Committees shall be made up as follows (note:  C.M.H.A. President is an ex-officio on all C.M.H.A. Committees.)
a)    The Rep Committee shall consist of three (3) members:  The Director of Rep Hockey (Chair) and two (2) other Directors of the Board.

b)    The Coaching Selection Committee shall consist of five (5) members, three (3) members from the Board and or Executive Committee, and up to two (2) Independent members neither of whom shall have family enrolled in C.M.H.A.  No member of the Selection Committee can apply for the position of Head Coach at any level.

c)    The Local/House League Committee shall consist of three (3) Directors from the Board and shall be chaired by the Director of Local/House League Operations.
d)    The Discipline Committee, consisting of three (3) Directors, shall be chaired by the Vice-President of C.M.H.A.  Only one (1) of each Rep Committee and Local/House League Committee may be a member of this Committee.  No matter shall be dealt with by this Committee, unless and until the appropriate Sub-Committee has previously considered it.
Decisions reached by the Discipline Committee are final and binding.
e)    Equipment Committee (minimum of two (2) Directors)
f)    Ways and Means Committee (minimum of two (2) Directors)
g)    Registration Committee (minimum of two (2) Directors)
h)    Tournament Committees of the C.M.H.A. shall have a minimum of two (2) Directors per Tournament.
i)    Training/Risk Management Committee (minimum of two (2) Directors).