Following CMHA Rep tryouts.. more of what to expect, News (Collingwood Minor Hockey)

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Sep 15, 2022 | David Epp | 742 views
Following CMHA Rep tryouts.. more of what to expect
Attention CMHA families, 
With tryouts finalizing in U14-U18, local players may use NRP (non-resident player) passports to try out for REP programs in other centres.  This can be requested by reaching out to Chris Lomonaco at [email protected] 

This passport can only be issued 1x only for a tryout in another centre.  If the player does not get rostered to another centre, then they will return to Collingwood Local League programming. 

Having said that, CMHA is focusing on our Local League this year, trying to maintain sufficient roster sizes and continuing to offer the best development for each player. CMHA will endeavour to offer Local League SELECT teams at every level to supplement their regular season. 

To be clear, the SELECT team is typically a mix of the better players from each LL team.  They can play in SELECT tournaments.  (See previous posting re tournaments - CMHA will pay for the cost of 1 Select tournament per cohort) 

The ability to field each number of Local League teams is dependant upon several factors including registration, goalies, and coaches.  Local NRP’s leaving for another centre or returning can contribute to changes. 

The below is the most accurate information for LL structure we have at this time. 

U16-U18   2 LL. 1 SEL.
U14-U15   2 LL. 1 SEL.
U12-U13   2/3 LL. 1 SEL.
U10-U11   2 LL.  1 SEL.         
U9    2LL         
U8    3 LL 

Please see next article/email re players trying out at rep level 1 cohort above.  ie. U9 can try out for U10 while meeting some considerations.  There will be criteria to be met for such instances.  More information on this to come. 

Best, Dave Epp