Schedule & Results, Huronia, 2013-2014 (Collingwood Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, October 18, 2013
AtomA110:00 AMThorn South Muskoka Bears1-5Collingwood Blackhawks
NoviceN110:00 AMEB Midland Centennials5-3Collingwood Blackhawks
NoviceN210:00 AMCentral Huntsville Otters2-3Newmarket Redmen
AtomA211:10 AMThorn Ayr Flames6-3Erin-Hillsburgh Devils
PeeweeP111:10 AMCentral Owen Sound Attack0-6Collingwood Blackhawks
PeeweeP211:10 AMEB Dorchester Dragons7-4Erin-Hillsburgh Devils
BantamB112:20 PMEB Saugeen Shores Storm3-4Collingwood Blackhawks
BantamB212:20 PMCentral Thorold Blackhawks1-3Erin-Hillsburgh Devils
MidgetM112:20 PMThorn Collingwood Blackhawks7-1Stirling Blues
MidgetM21:30 PMEB Penetang Flames1-4Kincardine Kinucks
NoviceN31:30 PMCentral Collingwood Blackhawks7-5Lincoln Blades
NoviceN41:30 PMThorn Newmarket Redmen1-9Midland Centennials
AtomA32:40 PMEB Collingwood Blackhawks0-4Pelham Panthers
AtomA42:40 PMCentral Erin-Hillsburgh Devils5-2South Muskoka Bears
PeeweeP32:40 PMThorn Collingwood Blackhawks4-1Windsor Riverside Rangers
BantamB33:50 PMCentral Collingwood Blackhawks6-1Mt Brydges Cougars
PeeweeP43:50 PMEB Erin-Hillsburgh Devils3-0Owen Sound Attack
BantamB45:00 PMEB Erin-Hillsburgh Devils4-4Saugeen Shores Storm
MidgetM35:00 PMCentral Kincardine Kinucks3-0Dorchester Dragons
AtomA56:10 PMCentral Pelham Panthers2-2Ayr Flames
NoviceN56:10 PMEB Lincoln Blades6-3Huntsville Otters
BantamB57:20 PMCentral Mt Brydges Cougars4-0Thorold Blackhawks
PeeweeP57:20 PMEB Windsor Riverside Rangers0-4Dorchester Dragons
MidgetM48:30 PMEB Collingwood Blackhawks3-0Penetang Flames
MidgetM58:30 PMCentral Stirling Blues1-7Dorchester Dragons
Saturday, October 19, 2013
NoviceN67:00 AMEB Collingwood Blackhawks10-2Newmarket Redmen
PeeweeP68:00 AMCentral Collingwood Blackhawks8-2Erin-Hillsburgh Devils
NoviceN78:10 AMEB Midland Centennials8-0Huntsville Otters
PeeweeP79:10 AMCentral Owen Sound Attack0-4Dorchester Dragons
AtomA69:20 AMEB South Muskoka Bears0-6Ayr Flames
MidgetM610:20 AMCentral Kincardine Kinucks1-6Collingwood Blackhawks
AtomA710:30 AMEB Collingwood Blackhawks4-0Erin-Hillsburgh Devils
BantamB611:30 AMCentral Collingwood Blackhawks3-2Erin-Hillsburgh Devils
NoviceN811:40 AMEB Lincoln Blades5-5Midland Centennials
NoviceN912:40 PMCentral Huntsville Otters1-6Collingwood Blackhawks
BantamB712:50 PMEB Saugeen Shores Storm3-4Thorold Blackhawks
PeeweeP81:50 PMCentral Windsor Riverside Rangers3-1Owen Sound Attack
AtomA82:00 PMEB Pelham Panthers1-3South Muskoka Bears
MidgetM73:00 PMCentral Dorchester Dragons1-6Collingwood Blackhawks
PeeweeP93:10 PMEB Dorchester Dragons2-2Collingwood Blackhawks
BantamB84:10 PMCentral Erin-Hillsburgh Devils2-4Mt Brydges Cougars
NoviceN104:20 PMEB Newmarket Redmen2-5Lincoln Blades
AtomA95:20 PMCentral Ayr Flames3-3Collingwood Blackhawks
MidgetM85:30 PMEB Penetang Flames3-2Stirling Blues
PeeweeP106:30 PMCentral Erin-Hillsburgh Devils4-1Windsor Riverside Rangers
AtomA106:40 PMEB Erin-Hillsburgh Devils2-2Pelham Panthers
BantamB97:40 PMCentral Thorold Blackhawks1-3Collingwood Blackhawks
BantamB107:50 PMEB Mt Brydges Cougars4-1Saugeen Shores Storm
MidgetM98:50 PMCentral Stirling Blues1-8Kincardine Kinucks
MidgetM109:00 PMEB Dorchester Dragons1-1Penetang Flames
Sunday, October 20, 2013
NoviceNOVFINAL10:00 AMEB Collingwood Blackhawks3-4Midland Centennials
AtomATOMFINAL11:20 AMEB Collingwood Blackhawks3-0Ayr Flames
PeeweePEEWEEFINAL12:40 PMEB Dorchester Dragons1-2Collingwood Blackhawks
BantamBANTAMFINAL2:00 PMEB Mt Brydges Cougars5-2Collingwood Blackhawks
MidgetMIDGETFINAL3:20 PMEB Kincardine Kinucks1-4Collingwood Blackhawks
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